You like hot drinks right?
 Because we've got yours 



We do all the different hot drinks using the world


 famous, Italian made La Spaziale S5, its the Rolls -


Royse of espresso coffee machines. We'll make your


coffee exactly how you want it (we don't charge for


extra shots). 


 We get our beans from a local independent supplier 


and they know how to roast em' just right. 


Our hot chocolate is THE best, I'm not kidding


you! if you find better than Zuma than please tell us


what it is and we'll stock that instead! Tea....It's got to


be Yorkshire Tea, a proper brew. We also do a few


speciality teas such as earl grey, camomile,


peppermint, green tea and red berry  If you want to


hold the caffine its not a problem, we do espresso


de-caff coffee and de-caff tea. If you fancy a treat we


do all the main syrup flavours and of course we'll


squirt cream on your hot chocolate any day of the


week (and shovel some marsh mallows on if you