Feast on Queen Street



Welcome to Feast on Queen Street


"Where the elite meet to eat"



We've been down here since 2014, serving the office

folks and occasional lost soul with a large selection

of hot and cold sandwiches, jacket potatoes, home

made soup and all the different  hot breakfast

sandwiches. Click here to download the menu.


The shop has seating for approximately 34 people, making it an

ideal oasis away from the office politik and somewhere comfortable

to have a natter about that bloke that's doing your head in.


It's also an ideal place to meet with clients and do some hardball

negotiating. We will supply relevant soundtrack to your deal making

and breaking, Godfather soundtrack always works well.  


It can get pretty busy down here but don't panic. We work our socks

off to make sure your not kept waiting and before long you'll soon be

well fed and ready to tackle the next email.