Feast on Chapel Walk

Feast Chapel Walk is located slap bang in the heart of the city, sandwiched (get it) between the Crucible theater at one end and Fargate at the other.


We've been here since August 2007 serving top notch food and

beverages to anyone who has the desire for quality without wanting

to break the bank.

 The shop is small but perfectly formed, offering over a hundred

menu choices so you can go a couple of months before you have to

have the same thing again - or you can just get the same thing again

and again - hey, its up to you, this ain't Ociania. Click here for the

the full menu. Don't forget we also do the " best jacket potatoes in



Take a seat in the window and watch the constant parade of

human folk that make their way up and down Sheffield's famous

Chapel Walk.


Meanwhile... down in the basement, food to fill the shelves is being

prepared in the kitchen by our professional people. They don't stop

at this, they also make the business buffets for the business folk in

and around town, click here  to see the business and event menu.